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4 Things To Consider When Designing A Website


Web Design & Development Methods

Web design and development is completely different from what it used to be a couple of years ago. New technology, features and trends require you to rethink how you design your site. That’s why many web designers and site owners today want to know how to approach the web design process. Here are four things that you should focus on when designing or redesigning a site

1. Attention Grabbing But Clean & Focused

You want draw in customers with your website design but your design also needs to be both clean and focused. Remember, consumers are on your website to absorb its content. If the design draws too much attention away from your content then you risk losing a customer before they even had a chance to be one. On average you have less than a minute to grab the attention of a web visitor before they are on to the next search result. Don’t confuse them with an overly complex design.

3. Responsive Design is a Must

Responsive web design is an absolute MUST in today’s marketplace. This design component adapts one website into the format and device (iPad, Smartphone, etc…) used by the web visitor to deliver the best possible user experience. This allows companies to focus their content and SEO on one website, save money, resources, and seamlessly integrate their marketing campaigns.

2. Powerful Brand Identity

No matter how strong of a visual brand you have in the offline world, you must make it relevant for the online consumer because the two mediums are completely different. Your website should reflect the same strong brand identity it has offline. However, it may need some adjustments to be impactful across all marketing channels. Several Internet-only companies think that branding is not very important, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Through blogging and social media, companies of all sizes can make the same kind of impact as the big boys. Small companies can now easily create brand recognition within a defined marketplace or geo-local area.

4. Use Content Management Platforms

Content management platforms such as WordPress make the web development process easy. There are many features that allow for backend access with limited control, so your staff can post updates, make changes and add new features. And as the name suggests, these platforms make it easy to manage your content for seamless web development.