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Do you often wonder why your competitions’ websites rank higher than yours in Google searches for the same keywords that are related to your business?  Are you wanting more online customers, yet can’t generate local SEO traffic? It can be an uphill battle gaining visibility for your website due to this relentless modern day world of online business. There can be hundreds of competitors to compete with, therefore your page will be drowning in a sea of uncountable search results. Consequently it seems like more often than not they will go by unnoticed, no matter how good the content is.

It’s because of this that WMD (Wet Media Digital) exists; we’re here to help you navigate through the choppy waters of the internet. We will blast your website through the vexing Google ranking formula, catapulting you towards the top of the list in the least amount of time.seo austin

Why Wet Media Designs | Austin SEO Company is the key to your SEO Ranking

Over the years our founder, Stone Slade has meticulously researched the best SEO methods in the industry. Due to consistently staying on top of all the latest education, industry trends and Google algorithm changes, he has self-developed and industry-tested proven ranking methods. As a result, we are constantly adjusting our SEO strategies by following the always shifting priorities of the web. Because of this, we always stay ahead of the competition.

Our local SEO methods will help any size business get you the recognition you’re looking for. No matter if you are looking to make a splash on the locally with local SEO or have your sites set on World domination, we can help you!

In addition to doing the hard work for you, we also help you gain a better understanding of SEO implementation. First of all we learn about the structure of your website. Then we also create a customized integration plan of assorted SEO methods that are aimed at showcasing the strengths of your website. Because all our techniques comply to a strict code of conduct, you’ll always be in good standing with Google while we manage your local SEO or nationwide SEO.

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In the endless sea that is the internet, there are probably millions of SEO sales pages out there. Yet unlike the others, our rates are among the best in the business. We offer a free estimate and feedback within 24 hours after initial SEO consultation.

In addition to SEO services, we offer a number of related services including, graphic design, hosting, best pricing on domain names and much more…

WMD is an Austin based SEO firm founded by Stone Slade, one of the most proficient search engine ranking ‘masters’ in the business.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo constantly update their algorithms, therefore Search engine optimization changes almost weekly. Unique Google patents that effect the search engine are added and updated every week. Hence, it is important that your search engine manager fully understands these complex changes in order to maintain your valuable SEO rankings.


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Austin Search Engine Optimization (Austin SEO)

First of all Google, Bing and Yahoo have millions of people using their search engines in order to research products and services before making purchasing decisions. The majority of the traffic will only come to your website when you’re on the first page for a related keyword search result like “seo austin”. In addition some highly sought after keywords, can be worth tens of millions of dollars per year for page one seo results. In order to determine the value of a keyword you can use TSMV or Total Search Market Value. To find The Total Search Market Value of keyword you take the number of visitors multiplied by the cost per click. Therefore if you are ranked within the top 3 to 5 positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo, then these top keywords can drive thousands (or even millions) of monthly visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Austin tx

Wet Media Digital has helped clients all over the country, most of all because the many SEO ranking methods we have used over the years simply work. Awesome innovation is always happening at WMD.

Here at WMD, we stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms of all the top search engines ranging from Google to Bing. Because of this, your website will constantly be adjusted following these shifting priorities. Our duty isn’t to help you stay afloat, but rather give you the SEO rank and position to soar past the competition! Contact us today for SEO Austin or local seo for any city in the US. Let us help your local customers find you online.



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