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Welcome to Wet Media Designs!

modern-dads-tv-show-i love you so much 1My name is Stone Slade. Besides being a loving father, I am a kind and honest person working out of my home office in Austin, Texas.

Growing up in Austin, I remember always doing something creative with paint, pencils, crayons and just about anything else that was around. I’d spend hours drawing cartoons of my favorite super heroes, designing concert posters or practicing character styles referencing my “How to Draw” books. During high school, I took all available art classes and was accepted into a commercial art class in 12th grade.

In 1996 I started my freelance business under the name Wet Media Designs. I took on a lot of free work for friends and family to build my portfolio. This allowed me to get my work in front of more local business owners and grow my business organically through word of mouth.

I am based in Austin, Texas, but I am not limited to working in the Austin Area. I have clients from California all the way east to New York City.

All of the logos, posters, fliers, and website designs that I create are custom built to suit your needs, and I’m not happy until you are satisfied.

I cater to all sized business owners and non-profit agencies.  Contact me today for a consultation.